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Max sliding clean room door which can be made of 1.0mm thick steel plate or 0.5mm thick color plate, includes door, rail, cover board, sway stopper, and pulleys. The lining material could be paper honeycomb or rock wool. This product can be furnished with a single layer or double layer rectangular observation window. It applies gland strips to improve its tightness. The cover board formed with the bending machine can be made of stainless steel or the same material of the door. With the sway stopper, the door works smoothly without shaking. Commonly, our product is equipped with the stainless C shaped handle. Also, the push and pull handle will be offered as required. The electric sliding door is assembled with electric door motor. It is also equipped with button switch, infrared sensors switch, or others. Due to the structural characteristics, our product is applicable for office use.

The sliding clean room door made of color plate comes with the color like white, blue, and so on. Meanwhile, the one made of the painted steel plate is available with the colors including white, blue, yellow, green, red, etc. Both single sliding clean room door and double sliding clean room door are available. The size of the single one could be 900*2100 or 1000*2100mm. For the double one, the size is 1500*2100 or 1800*2100mm.
MAX Sliding Door Series

MAX is an experienced sliding clean room door manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also offers cleanroom double door, aluminum connection steel partition cleanroom wall panel system, common cleanroom ceiling system, and more.

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