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Manufactured with the high grade environmental raw material and strict quality control system, our MAX load bearing ceiling system which is in line with the ISO clean room industry standard is free from poisonous volatile compound. Our product includes MAX-CC series and MAX-CG series. MAX-CC series is single layer load-bearing metal ceiling extensively used in the electronic clean room and pharmaceutical clean room. When used with MAX CR series partition in combination, it is suitable for the room with the ISO standard above 1000 class. On the other hand, MAX-CG series is a double layer load-bearing metal ceiling applicable for the clean room whose clean grade exceeding the ISO standard 1000 class. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the electronic industry.

Similar to the MAX series partition, our MAX load bearing ceiling system can be applied in all the clean rooms of CLASS1 to CLASS9 ISO standard. Also, it sells well in Asian and European countries.

Connection rendering  
General performance data Regular size 900*2700, 1200*2400 600*1200, 1200*1200
Steel hanger spacing 1200mm, 1500mm 1200mm,1500mm
Maximum load bearing 200Kg/m2-350Kg/m2 Upper layer girder 750Kg(space 1200mm) sublayer can't be inferior to 300Kg/m2
Main material quality Grid material aluminum alloy or galvanized steel sheet Aluminum alloy
Panel material paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, rock wool, calcium silicate board sandwich ,color steel sheet Upper paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, rock wool sandwich, color steel sheet. sublayer steel plate, plaster board sandwich steel skin plate, aluminum honeycomb sandwich steel skin plate
Fire Resistance 60min fire protection none
Applicable Place electronic clean room, pharmaceutical clean room, operating room electronic clean room, pharmaceutical clean room
Applicable Place 1000 class and above 1000 class, 100 class, 10 class, 1 class

The 55mm thick MAX load bearing ceiling system is furnished with the glass magnesium board to enhance the bearing capacity, thus preventing the ceiling from deformation. The recessed luminaire and air outlet whose holes have been precasted with the engraving machine can ensure the entire beautiful appearance after installed to the ceiling. In addition, our product has a built-in # shape welding reinforcement to enhance the intensity.

Shape Welding Reinforcement Diagram
1. Spot Welding
2. Spot Welding
3. The Reinforcing Frame
4. 106 Shape Welding Reinforcement Diagram
Engraving Machine

Our company is a professional load bearing ceiling system manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including clean room door, cleanroom wall panel system, double layer glass window, and more.

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