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MAX-CC Common Cleanroom Ceiling System
MAX-CC common cleanroom ceiling system which meets the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical factory is widely used in the clean room of ISO standard class below 1000. It can be made of rock wool core material, honeycomb core, honeycomb core sandwiched into calcium silicate board, and etc. The ceiling system is invisible when applied to the clean room, ensuring the flatness and smoothness of the ceiling panel. Also, the ceiling panel can be easily cleaned, and no dust will be generated. MAX-CC common cleanroom ceiling system comes with three types like MAX-CC-A series, MAX-CC-B series, and MAX-CC-C series.

Name Material & Size or Performance
Steel Hanger M10
Fastening Piece Flange nuts, M10
Level Governor Galvanized steel sheet bending, T=2.5mm
C Shaped Keel Galvanized steel sheet bending, T=2.0mm
Lining material Honeycomb paper or rock wool (Fireproof board is optional)
Panel Coupling Parts Built-in aluminum material
Conventional Size W=900mm,1200mm, 1160mm

Hidden Type Self-folding C shaped Keel
C shaped ceiling system features convenient installation. When used in combination with the T-aluminum alloy parts, the ceiling panel can be easily dismantled. Our ceiling system has higher fire protection limit as compared to other aluminum alloy ceiling system. What's more, the application of C type can ensure the uniform seam of the ceiling panel. Our recommended C type ceiling keel allows the ceiling panels' seams to be adjusted uniformly.


MAX is a specialized common cleanroom ceiling system manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as double layer glass window, baking finish cleanroom door, and aluminum connection steel partition cleanroom wall panel system.

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